99% of Loft Conversions to houses DO NOT need planning permission.


    ALL Loft Conversions WILL require Full Building Regulation approval.


    Adding an extra bedroom, is the best way of adding value to your home.


    The average Dormer Loft Conversion is around £30,000.


    Loft Conversions, without a dormer, to houses in Conservation areas, DO NOT need planning permission.

Loft Conversions

Looking for an extra bedroom? Would like a master bedroom with an ensuite? Like a home office or guest bedroom?

Home Extension Designs love loft conversions because they usually provide very large areas and make use of previous dead storage space. By keeping some usable eaves storage, Home Extension Designs can use the main loft area to create stunning spaces for a variety of uses.

The stair position, at both first floor and in the loft, is the most critical part of the loft conversion design. Home Extension Designs will position the stair to minimise disruption and loss of space at the existing first floor level but maximize the new space in the loft area.

As most loft conversions do not need planning permission, drawings are only required for building regulation (construction) purposes. These drawings allow builders to accurately price the work and carry out its construction with the minimum of fuss.

In Conservation areas, extended roof dormers will need Planning Permission.

Some newer properties will also have their Permitted Development (PD) rights removed, meaning that all work including the installation of even simple roof lights, will need Planning Permission.

Home Extension Designs drawings are all computerised and therefore very accurate, meaning that your loft can be converted easily, economically and efficiently.

Home Extension Designs are the loft conversion design specialists.

How much will it cost?

Yep...the 6 million dollar question!!! In truth it is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables and every job is so different. As a rough guide, an average conversion will cost somewhere between £10k and £40k EXcluding local authority fees, sanitary ware, specialist floor finishes, ceramic tiles and decorating.

How long does a loft conversion take?

Converting the loft usually takes between four and six weeks. A new roof can also be added within this time scale.

Will we need to move out?

No, there is no need, in most cases the bulk of the work is done through the roof. We try to cause as little disruption to your home as possible, although the day the stairs are fitted is a good day to go out!

What guarantees do you offer?

Home Extension Designs offers its own guarantees the planning and application work it does and we are, of course, fully insured. We do not do any of the actual 'build' work we do not provide guarantees on it but the contractor you select will advise you on their own guarantee.

Can all lofts be converted?

While the majority of lofts can be converted, unfortunately some will not be suitable for a loft conversion. It will depend on how your house has been constructed and the available headroom. If unsure, we are happy to visit and advise you accordingly.

Do I need planning permission?

Many loft conversions only require that they meet building regulations however, we will check with your local planning office during the.

Can I Build and DIY Loft Conversion?

It's a fairly large project to undertake and only for the brave but if you are experienced at DIY it is normally possible. You should be aware that some of the work will require extra hands, for example installing steelwork is not a task that can be completed on your own.