ALL New Dwellings DO require planning or building regulation permission.


    The average per square metre build cost for New Houses is between £1000 and £1200


    You can claim back ALL the VAT you spend on building your New House.

New Dwellings

Do you have a larger than average garden? Do you have space for an extra vehicular access? Would you like to realise some extra money?

Home Extension Designs, have designed many New Dwellings over the years and although we specialise in home extensions, a new dwelling is often similar to a large extension, but governed by different planning rules.

We can take advantage of that spare piece of land alongside you house or at the bottom of your garden and on your behalf, seek to obtain permission for a new dwelling.

You can then either sell on the land or develop and build it yourself !
Home Extension Designs will initially visit the site to assess its likely hood of success. Then we will liaise with your local authority via a ‘Pre Advice Application’ process. This will give us a written response from the Council, letting us know the likely benefits and pitfalls of the proposal.

These types of applications can take a long time to gain permission, as they can be quite complicated.

With Home Extension Designed accurate drawings, it helps make it an easier route through Planning.

Our designs not only look good, they are functional, economical and enjoyed by our clients!