You can build on up to half of your garden WITHOUT the need for planning permission.


    Using a well insulated Outbuilding is a GREAT place to work from home.


    An Outbuilding IS a very cost effective way of creating extra floor space.


    If the Outbuilding is higher than 2.5m, within 2m of any boundary, it WILL need planning permission ?


Would you like a den for the kids to play in away from the house? Need a home office or exercise room? Need a functional work or hobby room?

By using the governments Permitted Development (PD) legislation, Home Extension Designs design fantastic outbuildings covering a maximum area of half of your garden area – should you need it that large! Working within other strict Government guidelines,  Home Extension Designs outbuildings will provide more than enough space for so different uses, which will not require Planning Permission, unless you’re Permitted Development (PD) rights have been removed. For outbuildings over 30 square metres in area, you will also need Building Regulations approval, so please think very carefully of the size of building you require, because it could turn out to be a very costly outbuilding indeed!

You can install a kitchen area or bathroom in new outbuildings, but not both – if you do it will be classed as a self contained dwelling and will need Planning Permission !

Be very careful – you have been warned!

Home Extension Designs will produce accurate drawings for you to obtain prices from builders and outbuildings specialists.

Outbuildings should look and feel great.  With Home Extension Designs, it always will!