If you remove your old front door and open the house up to the porch, it WILL require building regulation permission.


    You can build up to 3 square metres in area, WITHOUT needing planning permission.


Need somewhere to leave your shoes and coats? Want to provide an extra level of security? Would like to define the main entrance to your home? Want to create a feature or further insulate the hall area?

Home Extension Designs know what would look great on the front of your house and know how to best design it!

Porches can easily change a normal looking house into one that stands out from all the others!

With Home Extension Designs cleverly drawn porches, we will define your homes entrance and provide extra space to store the usual hallway clutter of shoes, coats, umbrellas, etc.

If the porches and/or canopy area, is no more than 3 square metres in area and no more than 3 metres high above ground level, it will not need Planning Permission. Plus, if you keep an external quality door between it and the house you will not need Building Regulations approval either!

But to see what the porch will look like and to show the builders what to price and build, Home Extension Designs will draw your porch, so that everyone is clear of what is required.

Alternatively, sketch it yourself and give to your local builder and just let him build it!

Porches – Another great Home Extension Designs money saving tip!